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Welcome! – and Logo Choice

Lighthouse Logo

After 15 years of public service, I’ve entered private practice.  As part of that transition, I created this website, and in doing so, created a logo.  I wanted to choose a logo that is visually interesting but also meaningful.  A lighthouse seems a strange choice given that mid-missouri is far from any ocean, so this introduction blog post is both a welcome and an explanation.

First, my wife and I enjoy travelling, especially to the beach.  That interest led to following Youtube sailing channels (such as Gone with the Wynns and Sailing Nahoa).  For that, the lighthouse is personally aspirational – a symbol of adventure.

Second, the lighthouse is a source of guidance and provides warning of dangers.  Before GPS and modern electronic navigation, lighthouses were critical to safe sailing.  Lighthouses were often erected near hazards such as dangerous rocks or reefs where ships might go aground or be destroyed.

But lighthouses also helped find places of safe passage and were an important navigational tool.  Other methods of navigation were prone to error.  Lighthouses could be seen far out at sea and were designed to flash at certain intervals so the particular light could be identified on charts.  

Both of those things – guidance and aid to safe passage – are a fitting symbol for the legal services I hope to provide.

On this blog I hope to generate helpful and entertaining posts and would be interested in hearing suggestions about article topics as well as thoughts about logo and design. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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